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Wild Few Herb Farm

Nettle Seedling

Nettle Seedling

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Available in 1 gallon pots transplanted from our field

Urtica dioica

- Herbaceous perennial often found growing in open meadows or in forests

- Readily spreads through rhizomes and will grow quickly once established 

- Can grow up to 4 ft tall with stinging hairs that can be found under leaves or on stems

- Harvest leaves at the beginning of spring or while plant is still in young stage

- Can get up to two harvests per season

Packed with minerals to get our bodies moving again after a long winter, Nettle is fantastic fresh or dried, added to tea or recipes

Our seedling sale will kick off May 18th starting at 9 am at Wild Few Herb Farm on Lombard Road in Arundel, ME. You'll see a shipping container with a mural painted on it, that's us! If you can't make it on May 11th, not to worry! Our seedling sale will run through June. Feel free to stop by the farm Tuesday - Friday 9-2pm, we'll have these seedlings along with many other varieties available.

We'll have your pre ordered seedlings set aside labeled with your name. Even if we're not on the farm, feel free to swing by and pick up your order. Though we'll be sad to have missed ya, there will be a place for you to mark down that you've stopped by and picked up your babies! 

*available for local pickup only


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