January Spotlight - Blue Vervain

January Spotlight - Blue Vervain

January Spotlight - Blue Vervain

We love blue vervain for so many reasons! During our first season of farming, she supported us through our most stressful moments, helping to reduce the overwhelming sense of anxiety that comes with not only starting a business, but a farm as well. We call upon her for support during our luteal phase to help with irritability and cramping.

A true gift of midsummer is seeing her tall spires waving in the breeze, walking amongst her purple flowers buzzing with pollinators. 

Haven't worked with blue vervain before? Below is a little guide to introduce you to this bitter + beautiful herbal ally and some of our favorite ways to work with her!


Latin name: Verbena hastata

Plant family: Verbenaceae

Parts used: all aerial parts

Native to all of the US and parts of Canada

Herbal actions

antispasmodic, bitter, febrifuge, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmenagogue, nervine, sedative


Cooling, relaxing, drying

Planting + harvest notes

Self seeding perennial

Recommended one month cold stratification before seeding to help germination

In zone 5b we start our blue vervain seedlings in mid-April and plant them out by end of May-early June

Harvest leaves and flowers when plant begins to bloom

Can get multiple cuttings in one season 

Medicinal uses

Has affinities for the musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive, reproductive systems as well as the neck + shoulders

Affinity for type A, uptight personalities

Extremely bitter taste indicates its antispasmodic nature as well as its support to liver

Decreases mental tension by softening musculoskeletal system that is suffering from stress + anxiety

Can aid in softening shoulder + neck tension that leads to stiff shoulders, neck + TMJ, tension headaches

Aids in pre-menstrual symptoms including cramps + irritability

Can aid in inducing sweating to break a fever

Best if taken on a more long term basis to feel effects


Extremely large doses may cause nausea + vomiting

Large doses may stimulate miscarriage

According to USDA, blue vervain can interfere with blood pressure medication and hormone therapy

Always consult with your healthcare professional before taking 

Working with Blue Vervain

Tincture (folk method) - chop fresh aerial parts and pack into jar, pour alcohol or glycerin over herb enough to keep submerged. Once submerged, push the plant matter down to release any air bubbles that may be caught before putting the lid on. Label + store in cool, dark place and shake daily to infuse with positive energy Strain after 4-6 weeks + compost plant matter

Add to digestive bitters, nervine and/or PMS tincture blends

Oil infusionPlace dried leaves in jar and cover with oil of your choice

Set jar on sunny spot on windowsill for two weeks and shake throughout this time

Strain, label + store jar in a cool, dark place

Salve or balm - After straining infused blue vervain oil, you can take it to the next step and make a salve!

Warm infused oil on a double boiler over very low heat and add in beeswax - we recommend 5-6 parts oil to 1 part wax but you can adjust depending on the consistency you are going for

Stir consistently until beeswax is completely melted into oil

As you remove the top bowl from the double boiler, wipe any water that remains on the bottom of the bowl to prevent it dripping into salve

*This is time sensitive as you don’t want your balm to begin setting before you’ve poured it

Pour into your preferred jar or tin, let cool, then put lid on and store in cool, dark place! 

Use oil or salve on neck + shoulders to help reduce tension and support relaxed muscles!


For those interested in further exploration with this incredible ally


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